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We work to become the trusted advisor to mature InfoSec throughout business operations.

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About Us

Vartai Security is an Information Security consultancy based in Tampa, FL and Washington D.C. with the goal of helping clients to both understand and mitigate risks to their perimeter and internal network environments. We offer a wide array of services from standard internal and external penetration testing and web application assessments to customized black box/evasive and scenario-based assessments. Our assessments go far beyond a scan and aim at finding flaws only discoverable through hands-on manual testing. We work to tailor each assessment to the client's environment and the risks inherent to their core business.

Why Choose Us

Vartai can provide an array of custom solutions to help guide small, medium and large organizations through the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Trusted Advisor Focus

We strive to become part of your internal SecOps team and reachback support. Our professionals can provide strategic insight into enterprise security planning which matures the organization in accordance with current and future threats.

Top Talent

Our professionals all originate from large "Big-4" and industry leading consulting firms. As leaders within those firms, we have crafted a dedicated team within Vartai that can provide leading services at a fraction of the cost.